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Objective Oriented Project Planning: a step-by-step method


Secqure uses a simple step-by-step method to discover issues, prevent escalations and obtain business improvements: objective oriented project planning (OOPP).

Following phases are included:

  • Preliminary phase:

    • Defining the entity

    • Selecting the individuals or groups concerned

  • Analytical phase:

    • Problem analysis

    • Objectives analysis

    • Strategy analysis

  • Planning phase:

    • Description of the intervention logic

    • Description of the assumptions

    • The operational process

    • Determining the Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI)

    • Determining the Sources of Verification

    • Determining the resources

    • Determining financial requirements

  • Continuous improvement phase:

    • Determining challenge frequency

    • Analyzing business improvements

    • Determining refining objectives

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