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Transition Escalation Prevention


Manage risk and prevent escalation

Despite all preventive actions, every project suffers from unforeseen problems, issues and situations. In some cases these can become serious escalations that affect people’s commitment and jeopardize the overall customer relation improvement business goal. How can you avoid stressful escalation situations? By pro actively recognizing risk, foreseeing preventive solutions and coaching people to deal with the expected changes.

Secqure offers conflict sensitive and preventive escalation and de-escalation management. Our approach is based upon years of experience in:

  • proactive business program risk identification

  • coaching customer relation management (CRM)

  • value generating and multicultural service delivery management.

Find the root causes

Every escalation is, if managed properly, an opportunity to discuss the causes openly and to secure the lessons learned. Escalations therefore trigger business improvements.

Secqure has lots of expertise in cautiously examining all connections related to the escalation. Root cause analysis is a basic element of the Secqure offering. It enables you to remove activities that have no value to the organization and to anchor customer satisfaction improvements.

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