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Engagement Management


refreshingMaster projects complexity

Business process improvement projects typically involve a multitude of applications to be implemented. Components often overlap each other. Business requirements continuously need to be evaluated and consolidated. All activities need to be prioritized, planned and coordinated. Several internal project managers will be involved in a committed and collaborative way. Vendors as well as other external consultants may need to be integrated in the project teams.

Secqure provides a committed expert who coordinates interactions and stimulates cooperation between all involved partners like vendors, project managers and sponsors… Secqure creates the framework that ties several customer relations improvement projects together.

Independent surveillance of your strategic goals

Many people in your organization will be affected by the changes provoked by these projects. Their daily operations will be influenced. This may lead to misunderstandings, frustrations, conflicts and escalations. These situations are best handled by an external individual who is committed, knowledgeable and impartial, i.e. vendor-independent and not involved in your internal politics.

Secqure provides your engagement and change manager whose number one priorities are to challenge the commitment of the project managers and to solve possible escalations in a controlled way so that the strategic goals of the projects are not jeopardized.

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