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For over a decade, founder Wim Leybaert has been immersed in Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management and Senior Service Delivery Management, working with SAP and Oracle customers in the Benelux.securing

Increased customer satisfaction and cost reductions

As an expert and relationship manager for customers and partners, he helped customers save millions of Euros per year by prevention and management of escalations. As an enthusiastic and charismatic coach for over a dozen customer competence and support center (CCC) managers, Wim helped streamline business support processes - resulting in a customer satisfaction increase of up to 15 % and a reduction of operational costs between 5 and 15%. By successfully applying his Engagement and Change Management skills and introducing new profitable service and implementation offerings, customers were able to increase their operations efficiency.


In the years before SAP and Oracle, Wim has coached a sales team of eight people. As an alliance manager, he has successfully set up long-lasting international business partnerships.

Independent team player

To be effective as an engagement manager, I need to understand agenda, commitment and abilities of all parties involved”, says Wim. “I have a background in engineering, business and IT.

I am independent of vendor interests and not involved in intra-company politics and battles. I strongly believe in cross company team tactics, as opposed to a dogmatic approach.”

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